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query_builder 21-09-2020

The committee is in the process of its renewal. Côte d'Ivoire has also applied in the
person of Madame Marguerite YOLI-BI KONÉ. The Ministry of Women, Family and
Children, in concert with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), chose Ms. Marguerite YOLI-BI
KONÉ to sit on the CEDEF committee.
Madame Marguerite YOLI-BI KONÉ is a seasoned activist for women's rights, specialist
in Gender, Management and Conflict Prevention, Peacebuilding and Governance. Her
actions extend in several African countries in collaboration with international institutions
always in favor of women's rights in terms of promotion, training, awareness, protection,
and so on. As such, she has received numerous distinctions from the Ivorian
State for her devotion and commitment to women.

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